When People Drink More Whole Milk, More People In Texas Get Divorced


Did you know that the more pounds of margarine people eat in the U.S., the more couples in Maine get divorced? Or that when fewer people are killed by lightning, fewer people in Arizona get divorced?

Well, it's true. Thanks to a new website called Spurious Correlations, which graphs relationships between two random statistics, we're able to see how particular behaviors relate to divorce rates in individual states.

Now, we're not saying margarine consumption or lightning strikes are causing divorce -- we know there's a difference between causation and correlation -- but it is pretty funny to see that, statistically speaking, the more people consume whole milk, the more couples in Texas end their marriages (darn you milk!).

Check out 11 of our favorite correlations below.

The more whole milk is consumed in the U.S., the more people in Texas get divorced:

As the number of commercial space launches increases, so do the divorce rates in North Dakota:

The more people in the U.S. are killed by lightning, the more people in Arizona get divorced:

The more honey producing bee colonies there are in the U.S., the more people in Massachusetts get divorced:

The more people in the U.S. eat turkey, the more people in Connecticut end their marriages:

The more people literally work themselves to death, the more people get divorced in Delaware:

The more crude oil the U.S. imports from Norway, the more people in Idaho get divorced:

Credit: Spurious Correlations

The more margarine is consumed in the U.S., the more people in Maine get divorced:

The older the Academy Award-winning Best Supporting Actress, the higher the divorce rate in Alaska:

The more Americans consume high fructose corn syrup, the more people get divorced in Florida:

The more people drink 1 percent and skim milk in the U.S., the more people in Washington D.C. get divorced:

Spurious Correlations was created by Harvard Law School student Tyler Vigen. Statistics were pulled from the US Census and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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