Divorce Reasons: Couple Splits Due To Husband's Incessant Snoring

Woman Divorces Husband Over Incessant Snoring

Weird divorce stories are nothing new, but this may be one of the strangest we've ever heard.

According to China.org, one man's snoring was so disruptive it prompted his wife to file for divorce. In the filing, she claimed that she hasn't gotten a full night's sleep since they married. She also mentioned that the man's heavy snoring made her ill and caused her to lose a significant amount of weight.

The divorce was granted and the judge asked the man to pay his ex a settlement of 5,000 yuan, or $806.45.

Sure, snoring may be a strange reason to file for divorce, but it's happened before.In 1997, an Iranian man filed to divorce his wife because of her snoring; she admitted to drugging him with sleeping pills at the beginning of their marriage so he wouldn't notice her snoring habit.

Other odd-ball grounds for a split? In 2012, a Nigerian woman divorced her husband because he talked too much, and a Taiwanese woman divorced her husband in 2013 because his penis was too small.

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