Divorce Ring: Jewelers Spritzer And Furman Sell $3,200 Bauble (POLL)

POLL: Would You Wear A Divorce Ring?

Don't wear a broken heart on your sleeve, wear it on your ... finger?

That's the idea behind the 18-karat gold "Divorce Ring" from jewelers Spritzer and Furman. The $3,200 creation, featured on 1stdibs.com, boasts a dagger-shaped array of diamonds breaking through a heart.

The jewelers' design might be new, but the concept of divorce rings isn't. Women and men have been embracing their newly-found singledoms by purchasing divorce rings or transforming their wedding bands for a while.

A 2010 article in the New York Times explored why some people decide to wear the modified rings. For example, one woman reconfigured her ring to include stitches to represent her son, who keeps her and her ex-husband connected. She told the Times she was still attached to her wedding ring and didn't want to let it go.

The Stir blogger Emily Abbate, for one, isn't sold on the whole divorce ring idea, pointing out there might be better ways to spend $3,200. She does, however, make a quip about which finger to wear it on. (We'll let you guess.)

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