15 Times Divorced Couples Took A Selfie To Mark The Occasion

But first, let's take a selfie. 🎶

These days, selfies are used to mark all the most momentous occasions, including divorce.

Don’t believe us? Ever since Florida exes Keith Hinson and Michelle Knight posted a divorce selfie back in 2014, former couples have been taking similar pics of their own.

“Here’s to the most friendly, respectful, and loving split imaginable. We smile not because it’s over, but because it happened,” Keith captioned the photo.
“Here’s to the most friendly, respectful, and loving split imaginable. We smile not because it’s over, but because it happened,” Keith captioned the photo.

Check out some more recent divorce snaps on Instagram below.

#HappyEnding #GameOver #DivorceSelfie jajaja 😂😂 @co_o3

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#divorceselfie ha ha... This is how you stay friends thru the drama.

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I can't believe we did this😣 #divorceselfie #itsofficial #happyhour

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Goofy smiles for our #divorceselfie It took 4 years, but it's done!!

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December 2nd 2015 - 336/365 Here is Sarah Craft and I yesterday right after signing our separation agreement and filling for divorce. Judgment is to be pronounced in 30 days or so. This is the end of a long road (met in 2000 separated in 2010). The end of a 5 year tough and often tense negotiation. And so of course we are smiling. Not because it's been an easy thing to part away from a relationship we envisioned at one point would be for ever until it became obvious that it needed to end. But because we have been able to be patient and separate in a respectful and considerate way. I am smiling because our love for our daughter has guided us in putting her first and prevented our anger/distrust/hate of each other at times to get into her life. I am smiling because Valentina will never have to take sides after a basketball game or a concert because her parents will be sitting together, not in the opposite sides of the room. I am smiling because she won't have to deal with our shit and she may have even learned that love starts, changes, transforms and matures into different shapes and forms but hope and kindness can prevail. If you choose so. If you work hard at it. If you care enough to challenge all that you think you know. I am smiling because we are still standing as co-parents, still a family to Valentina, not a threat to our partners. I am smiling because we have been able to let go without getting bitter. This is possible. It is also possible to divorce that way. To do it from a peaceful place. To accept the struggle and be patient and unwind the shit and protect the children. Thank you Sarah. Good job on this one. I will just finish by saying that hope and kindness didn't come easy. A lot of people have helped along the way. Family, friends, pastors, shrinks, etc. you know who you are. Falling in love again was obviously miraculously helpful. Asking for help was the key. No room for ego here. December 1st was a good day. Let's see what December 2nd has in storage now #divorceselfie

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I was lucky to be your wife for 4 years and I'm happy to be your friend forever. #divorceselfie

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