Divorce Stories: Florida Woman Spray Paints Courthouse With Divorce Graffiti

Worst Ex Ever?

Artistic expression is a great way to cope with the stress of a divorce -- unless, of course, it involves vandalizing public property.

Audrey Dostie, a 35-year-old woman from Jacksonville, Fla., was arrested on criminal mischief charges late last week after she was caught spray painting graffiti outside the new Duval County Courthouse. Dostie is in the midst of a divorce and custody battle.

According to Jacksonville's WJXT Channel 4, a police officer patrolling the area found Dostie spray painting broken hearts, the words "free us" and an angry message to a judge in purple paint on the columns and walkways outside of the courthouse. The city has since removed most of the graffiti.

Dostie also vandalized the corporate headquarters of her estranged husband's family business with similar messages. Court records indicate that he filed a restraining order against Dostie due to domestic violence.

As crazy as Dostie's antics may have been, she is certainly not the nuttiest ex we've heard about. Click through the slides below for five more stories.

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