Divorce Study Shows That Stepdads Are More Likely To Divorce Their Wives

A new survey conducted by stepdadding.com shows that husbands who are stepdads are twice as likely to leave their wives than husbands in traditional marriages.

More than 61 percent of male respondents who said their re-marriage ended in divorce were the ones who initiated the split. These men were all part of blended families and were stepdads to at least one child. This is in contrast to the 30 percent of men who leave their wives in traditional marriages, according to divorerate.com.

Nearly two thirds of the men polled by stepdadding.com said "arguments over the kids and a feeling of being unappreciated" contributed to the divorce, while one third said they weren’t clear about their parenting role in the relationship.

An April 2013 study by researchers at Brigham Young’s School of Social Work identified the factors that help make a relationship involving a stepfather work. They found that both adults -- mom and stepdad -- need to agree on how to parent and keep arguments to a minimum, and moms need to encourage the kids to vent any frustrations they may have.

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