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Divorce Study Indicates That Overweight People May Be Less Likely To Divorce

female feet on scales
female feet on scales

According to new research by, couples whose individual weights fall between 101 and 200 pounds are more likely to file for divorce. analyzed 2,708 divorce cases and found that nearly 76 percent of them involved individuals in the 101 to 200 pound weight range. In contrast, approximately 18 percent of cases involved couples in which a partner weighed between 201 to 250 pounds, and 5 percent involved couples in which a partner weighed more than 250 pounds.

However, though the findings indicate that overweight people may be less likely to file for divorce, a press release about the research notes that height was not included in the data analysis, and therefore some of the individuals in the 101 to 200 pound range may actually be considered overweight as well.

This is not the first study to look at the type of people most likely to file for divorce. A recent study by found that stepdads are more likely to leave their wives than men in traditional marriages. And another study conducted by researchers at Kansas State University found that couples who argue about money early in their union are likely to divorce.

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