Divorce Study Shows That Couples With Longer Commutes Are More Likely To Divorce

Bad News For Married Commuters

According to new research by Erica Sandow of Umea University in Sweden, people who commute at least 45 minutes one-way to work are more likely to divorce than people who have shorter daily commutes.

The study, which is published in the British journal "Urban Studies," analyzed data that tracked millions of Swedes from 1995 to 2005. Sandow focused on people who were married or living with a partner for her research.

She found that around 11 percent of the couples she studied had split by 2000, and more commuter couples separated than those who worked close to home. Fourteen percent of couples in which one or both partners commuted at least 45 minutes called it quits, while only 10 percent of non-commuter couples broke up.

However, not all commuter relationships were doomed; Sandow found that people who had a lengthy commute for more than five years were only one percent more likely to divorce than non-commuter couples. And breakups were less common for those who had already been commuting long distances before the relationship began.

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