These Yard Sales Prove That Hating Your Ex Can Be Profitable

We have some bad news for you: While you were were busy sleeping in or ordering brunch this weekend, some person in your neighborhood with an entrepreneurial spirit -- and a major ax to grind -- was throwing an epic divorce sale.

What exactly is a divorce yard sale, you ask? Below, some examples of the one trend we can't believe is a trend.

The first step to selling your ex's crap? Getting the word out using as much TMI as possible.

Really, the serious seller is not afraid to lay it all out there to create some buzz.

Signage is a must.

What does one buy at a divorce sale? Oh, you know, just utterly ridiculous things like this:

Or everything the seller's ex-husband has ever owned.
ex husband sale

Or crappy art prints. And we quote: "I. Hate. This. My spouse spent $45 on it. Please make it go away. I just want $5.00 to pay for having to look at it for years."

Or unicorn latch hook kits.

A big ass divorce sale is basically like all the ones above but on steroids.

Sometimes, you'll even score some complimentary hot chocolate.

The first rule of going to a divorce sale? Get there quick or you might miss out.

Don't sweat it too much, though -- you can always catch the pop-up store!

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