Divorced Dad Enlists Santa's Elves To Give Daughter An Awesome Christmas

Dad Enlists Santa's Elves To Give Daughter An Awesome Christmas

There's a silver lining to having divorced parents during the holidays: you get two -- count 'em, two -- Christmases.

But as any parent knows, the two-Christmas experience is a logistical nightmare. Your kids unwrap their gifts and, before you know it, it's time for mom to pick them up so she can enjoy the holiday with them, too. Time to play with all those new toys is sadly cut short.

Knowing this, one divorced dad on Reddit devised a genius plan to give his daughter's gifts to her a little early this year.

Writing under the pen name of Rufus 'Merry' Mint, the dad sent a letter to his little girl notifying her that she'd been chosen as a trial member for Santa's new "Double-Occupancy Priority Early-Delivery Program" for kids of divorce.

"This letter explains that Santa is trying out a program for kids in her situation and that, this year, she will get her presents 3 days early," the dad wrote.

Here's the letter in all its adorable glory (click the button in the right-hand corner to see the letter in full resolution):

That is easily the cutest thing we've seen all day. And since it's the little details that make it awesome -- Santa's return address label and detailed letterhead -- we're happy to tell you that the dad even included directions on how to create a letter of your own.

What a guy.

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