Divorced Dads' Rights: Father Fights For Say In Son's DNR Order, Access to Medical Records (VIDEO)

WATCH: Divorced Dads' Rights: Father Fights For Say In Son's DNR Order

While single-parent homes are more common than ever, less than 18 percent of custodial parents are fathers. Jack Frost, President of Father and Families in New York, discussed some of the frustrations of being an active, involved father without full custody on a segment for HuffPost Live.

One of his greatest concerns was not having access to his child's medical records in the early stages of his divorce. His wife made medical decisions concerning his son, including filing a do-not-resuscitate order without his consent.

But when Frost found that he legally had a say in his child's DNR order, he was still met with opposition.

"I told the doctor, I said I wanted the DNR gone. You didn't include me when you filed this. You were supposed to include me and you didn't," Frost said. "She just ignored me."

Host Abby Huntsman and Frost continued the discussion along with divorced father Craig Daliessio, Ed Housewright, a blogger at Singledadhouse.com, and HuffPost Blogger and divorced mother Miriam Novogrodsky.

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