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Divorces and Breakups

What if thecharted separations and divorces with as much enthusiasm as weddings?
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The New York Times' Sunday Fashion & Style section is known for its "Weddings & Celebrations" pages, which profiles couples of wealth, privilege and access. But what if the Times charted separations and divorces with as much enthusiasm?

Erica Rexroad & John Rexroad

Erica Nicole (Peyton) Rexroad, and John Alexander Kennedy Rexroad, were officially divorced this past Friday, in New York Superior Court; by The Honorable Judge Thomas Levesque. Irreconcilable differences were cited. Ms. Rexroad, (who will retain her surname), was represented by David Cohen, of Wells, Mann, Cohen & Flanders. Mr. Rexroad was represented by Michael Sinclair, of Stokes, Donnelly. The couple, who have no children, are selling their condominium in TriBeCa; as well as their home in Germantown, NY. Division of assets has been mutually agreed upon. Each intends to remain in NYC. Ms. Rexroad, 38, is the Vice-President of East Coast Marketing for Pottery Barn. Mr. Rexroad, 40, is a junior-partner at Stokes, Donnelly, a New York law firm.

The marriage lasted seven years.

Miri Katzman & Jonathan Katzman

Miriam "Miri" (Feinstein) Katzman, and Jonathan Adam Katzman, MD, were officially divorced this Wednesday, in Westchester County Court. The proceedings were officiated by Judge Aaron Rosenthal. Infidelity, on the part of Dr. Katzman, was cited. The former Mrs. Katzman, 46, appeared before the court wearing a simple black two-piece Escada pant-suit, with Manolo Blahnik pumps. Her brown hair pulled tightly into a short ponytail; she clutched her affidavits in a valise from Louis Vuitton. Dr. Katzman wore only khakis and penny-loafers: his wavy black locks of hair hanging down on a roll-neck navy-blue cotton pull-over sweater; beneath a rumpled navy sport-coat. Noticeably absent were the couple's Cartier wedding bands. The divorce decree was the end of a bitter and acrimonious feud that began over two years prior, when Mrs. Katzman returned home early from work to find her husband in bed with the cleaning-lady, Esmerelda Pichardo. It was then that Mrs. Katzman retained the services of her brother, Gregory Feinstein, of Feinstein & Feinstein, to file for divorce in Westchester County. Court transcripts from Katzman v. Katzman, indicated that the incident with Miss Pichardo was, "the last straw", in what the former Mrs. Katzman testified as, "a series of notorious affairs that three years of couples' therapy had not abated." Dr. Katzman, 46, the Head of Anesthesiology at Mount Sinai Hospital, was represented by Michael Lawrence, of Skaaren, Alt, Thomas, Zigler and Stone. The former Mrs. Katzman, a housewife, and board member of The 92nd St. Y, will revert to her maiden name. She was awarded custody of the couple's three children; their home in Westchester, and the summer home in East Hampton. Dr. Katzman will retain the condominium in Boca Raton, Florida. Their Park Avenue apartment will be sold, and the proceeds will be split evenly, with the stipulation that Dr. Katzman will surrender monies from the sale to cover Mr. Feinstein's attorney fees. Dr. Katzman was also ordered to pay alimony and child support, until the children reach the age of 18. The former Mrs. Katzman was also awarded ownership of the former couple's three automobiles. Mr. Lawrence appeared before the court in a black pinstripe suit from Ermenegildo Zegna; with a black tie from Hugo Boss. Mr. Feinstein wore a navy-blue pinstripe suit, from Brooks Brothers; the tie was also from Brooks. "After all those years at his side, he's lucky I didn't kill him" Ms. Feinstein would later report. "But I'm happy with the outcome."

The marriage lasted eighteen years.

Anna Felidia Thackeray MacPherson & William James MacPherson, III

When friends of Anna and William MacPherson gathered for a dinner party at the couple's summer home in Martha's Vineyard over this past Labor Day, no one was shocked to discover when the couple, who had been married for five years, announced their intention to separate. Over a champagne toast before sitting down to a Friday dinner catered by "Provisions", a NYC catering company owned by Mrs. MacPherson, Mr. MacPherson, "Billy", announced that he was coming out of the closet.

"I knew he was a little effeminate when we met. He gave me a recipe for a terrific lobster bisque, which I still use. That, and the fact that his cosmetics were always so much more expensive than mine. I, mean, I should have known, right?"

"I wasn't sure about a lot of things," Mr. MacPherson declared. "I had just graduated from Yale Law, and started clerking in the city, when I first met Anna. There was a lot of peer pressure, pressure from my parents, the usual stuff. I guess I should have known, but I do adore Anna so very much. She has so much style, and such incredible taste."

Family and friends of the couple were supportive, if unconvinced of the bride and groom's unlikely pairing. William MacPherson II, the founder and CEO of MacPherson Securities, and the father of the groom, was effusive: "I knew it. I damn well knew it." Miss MacPherson's sister, Blanche Tilden MacPherson, who was also the Maid-Of-Honor at the time of the wedding, agreed. "Billy was always hanging out with us; joking, laughing. He helped us pick out our dresses. He even tried mine on. That was odd. That- and he looked so much better in it; I don't like to think about it, really."

Paige Todd Summers, the then Best Man, and best friend of Mr. MacPherson, recalled over the phone: "Well, hell- I'm gay and everybody knows it! But- Billy's not my type. I just thought that needed to be said, especially now."

Billy, 33, said that after he joined Wentworth, Stevens, Rubin, a firm that has gained national attention providing legal counsel for many Gay Rights' groups, he began keeping late hours with several clients. Earlier this year, he had opened the Fire Island branch of Wentworth, Stevens, Rubin and was spending weekends "at the office". Anna remarked that she had been spending so much time on developing her catering business, and working on cookbooks, (the second of which, "A Well Kept Secret", has been on the non-fiction Best-Seller list of The New York Times Book Review for 13 weeks); that she just didn't notice. "Billy's always busy doing something..."

Mrs. MacPherson, 33, learned of her husband's decision to come out this past spring, while the couple was opening up their cottage on the Vineyard. "I thought it was time to come clean and let her know. And, just like Anna, she was totally receptive and open and positive and supportive. She's my best friend."

As Labor Day approached, they decided it was time to move forward; and they would begin by having a party. "To celebrate. It's not the end of us: it's a new beginning." said Anna. When September finally came, the six couples they invited to spend the long weekend with them were instantly mollified by the MacPhersons' warmth and tenderness. Said Blanche, "It was like they were getting married all over again, you know? But, different. Anyway, it was a great party and we all got drunk and had a fun time." Said the couple, "We haven't figured out everything just yet, we still have a lot to talk about; it's a learning process, and we'll get through this just fine."

The MacPhersons have been married for five years.
The couple has petitioned The Arch-Diocese of New York for an annulment.

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