The Best Diwali-Inspired Gifts To Buy This Year

Whether you're giving gifts or treating yourself this season, these goodies perfectly capture the holiday's essence.
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Growing up, there was something about Diwali each year that without fail poured a familiar warmth into my culturally confused soul. Maybe it was the thick sweaters that used to cover our salwar kameez, impenetrable against the brisk night chill.

Or it could have been the diyas that my mother used to light, carefully perched on tables, desks and dressers around the house, flickering and warding off the demons. Though the festival of lights, recognized by more than a billion (yes, billion) people of the South Asian diaspora, is abound with richly diverse regional traditions and rituals, the celebration brings constancy in its virtues: home, triumph of good over evil and new beginnings.

Ahead of the holiday, I’ve rounded up some goodies that capture its essence. Each one is a little ode to the spirited moments and memories that many South Asians hold sacred, taking us back to those days of sparklers, jalebi and the warmth of a living room full of people dressed in their freshest Diwali drip.

So whether you’re giving to loved ones this season or treating yourself to something decadent, our picks will add a little shimmer to your festivities.

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One Stripe Chai Bundle
With refreshing rose floral notes, One Stripe Chai’s Gulab City tea is a welcomed twist to the classic masala chai. The puzzle art it comes with is by Manuja Waldia, making it the perfect gift for the communal occasion.
Bonfire Warmth Orchid
Though sweets as gifts are a staple during this holiday, these orchids are designed to delight any friend with their bright ombre petals and festive gold planter.
Milk & Cardamom Cookbook
Is it really Diwali without a platter of colorful treats? With contemporary recipes such as brown butter ghee shortbread cookies, "Milk & Cardamom" by Hetal Vasavada, food blogger of "MasterChef" fame, is a love letter to South Asian desserts and a joyous celebration of brown decadence.
Our Place Diwali Fry Set
This might be the one time a year you make samosas from scratch, so do it in style. This chic set includes a skimmer spoon created by Lekha designer Trishala Bhansali and a wire cooling rack designed by Manjit Thapp.
Brooklyn Delhi Sweet Mango Chutney
Whether you're serving charcuterie or a platter of samosas this Diwali, Brooklyn Delhi's Sweet Mango Chutney is a necessary staple. Ripe mangoes meet ginger, a dash of garam masala and a little lemon juice in this jarred manifestation of all the flair and zest that comes with the festival of light.
Kajal Eyeliner Set by Kulfi Beauty
While Diwali is centered on manifestations of light, it also finds beauty in vibrant colors. The bright pigments in Kulfi Beauty's kajal eyeliner set remind me of the intricate decor found across South Asian households this season.
The Balvenie French Oak 16-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch
Though drinking during Diwali time is a more contemporary tradition, it's likely that any Indian household that you stumble into during the holiday has a good bottle of scotch on the shelf. This one is an especially delicious pour, best enjoyed neat.
Laumière Diwali Collection
Laumière’s box of sweets includes delicious concoctions of dates, pistachios, cinnamon and cardamom. But the beauty of the box transcends its contents. Inscribed on one of the sweets is a mantra for Diwali celebrators everywhere: "May our darkness of ignorance be removed by the light of knowledge," is its translation.
Cloud Berry Gem Drops
Let's face it: Going home for the holidays — and dealing with side-eyeing relatives — can be stressful. These low-dose gummies from Leune, a cannabis brand founded by an Indian woman, are a smoke-free way to help maintain some chill. Hey, if Lord Shiva indulged, so can you.
Glacier Mercury Glass Candleholder Set
You can never have enough diyas of any type during this holiday. We love this contemporary take by West Elm to dress up any dinner or coffee table.
Essie Nails Risk Takers Only
Essie's entire Off the Grid line gives major Diwali vibes with its bright yet earthy colors. This shade, which reminds us of mom's butter chicken, is a favorite.
Cleanse, Tone and Glow Bundle
Sahajan's luxe, streamlined skin care line blends science and holistic wisdom flawlessly. Lisa Mattan, the brand's founder, was inspired by both clinical research and the Ayurvedic traditions she was raised with.
Lotus Jhumki (Dark Green) Earrings
On Diwali, observers celebrate Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth who's often portrayed sitting on a lotus. These earrings from Aayka, which feature the flowers above the style's traditional bell shapes, are an elegant testament to this history of femme strength.
Happy Diwali Limited Edition Candle
Cardamom is a backbone of South Asian scents, and in this aromatic ode to the festival of lights, it mingles with tonka bean to create a festive vibe.

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