Dixie Chicks Take Aim At Donald Trump With Defaced Poster At Concert

Still not ready to make nice.

The Dixie Chicks still aren't ready make to make nice, and they aren't ready to back down. Especially when it comes to Donald Trump

Kicking off the band's North American tour in Cincinnati on Wednesday night, Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire and Emily Robison stuck it to the Republican presidential hopeful by unfurling a giant photo of him defaced with a devilish mustache, goatee and horns.

The image -- also included onstage during the European leg of the band's tour -- hung while the Dixie Chicks played their hit "Goodbye Earl," a song about a woman who kills her abusive husband.

The Dixie Chicks perform onstage on June 1, 2016, in Cincinnati.
The Dixie Chicks perform onstage on June 1, 2016, in Cincinnati.

The Dixie Chicks' stage for this tour -- their first on American soil in 10 years -- also includes a caricatured collage of Trump with former presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.

More political imagery. 
More political imagery. 

Maines has long been critical of the former reality star and other presidential hopefuls. Take one look at her Twitter account to see:

The singer is best known, however, for the disparaging remarks she made about George W. Bush and the war in Iraq in 2003. During a concert in London, Maines told the crowd, "We're ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas."

As a result, the band received death threats and certain radio stations banned their music, which is chronicled in their documentary "Shut Up & Sing." Three years after the public backlash, the Dixie Chicks came back with their biggest hit to date, "Not Ready To Make Nice," in 2006.



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