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DIY: A Sight of Spring to De-Winterize Your Home

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By guest blogger designer Mark Kintzel

Right about now, I start seeing spring flowers sold around town. Colorful spring flowers are a great fresh way to snap out of any winter funk. So I picked up a few and combined them with some of my favorite vintage pottery for a bright and lively addition to my home. I'm sure this quick creation will do the same for yours!

Here's what you need:

Spring flowers (such as tulips, hyacinths, miniature iris, daffodils, or primrose)

Vintage pottery (planters, containers, or cookware will all work)

Potting soil

Sheet moss

Watch the video for simple step-by-step instructions at Maria's Farm Country Kitchen.

Keep your plants cool, in shade, and moist, and they'll last the longest. When you no longer have frost warnings in your area, take the bulbs outside, and plant them in your garden to enjoy for many months more!

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