11 DIY Projects That'll Turn Your Backyard Into A Summer Oasis

It's that time of year when you'd rather be outside than in. That means prepping your backyard for BBQs and lazy days spent enjoying the weather.

There's no need to spend a ton of money to have the perfect backyard. All you need is a little creativity, a free weekend and some elbow grease.

Get the most out of your summer with 11 of our favorite DIY tutorials to create your backyard oasis.

DIY Firepit
Get the DIY Firepit Tutorial from ManMadeDIY.com.
DIY Outdoor Pillows
Get the DIY outdoor pillow tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.
DIY Dog Bed
Get the DIY dog bed tutorial from Gluesticks.
DIY Modern Vegetable Garden
Get the DIY modern vegetable garden tutorial from ManMadeDIY.com.
DIY Garden Stepping Stone
Get the DIY garden stone tutorial from Intimate Weddings.
DIY Lawn Chairs
Get the DIY lawn chairs tutorial from ModHomeEc.
DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeders
Get the DIY wine bottle bird feeder tutorial from The Garden Roof Coop.
DIY Butterfly Garden
Get the DIY butterfly garden tutorial from Simplify, Live, Love.
DIY Backyard Jenga
Get the DIY backyard Jenga tutorial from Holli Long.
DIY Mini Mason Jar Lights
Get the DIY mini mason jar lights tutorial from Jennifer's Mentionables.
DIY Hammock
Get the DIY hammock tutorial from Miss Lovie.
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