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DIY Bookends And Striped Glasses Inspired By Our Favorite Retailers (VIDEO)

We seriously love fun and colorful decor from our favorites like Jonathan Adler and C. Wonder. Of course, we wish we could fill our homes with all of the great pieces from their lines, but alas, our budgets make that, well, impossible. So, when we see something we really love, we turn to smart DIY ideas that will give us the same look -- for a lot less.

In the video above, the folks from PureWow show us how to get adorable bookends and chic striped glasses, similar to those found at our favorite stores, for just dollars. The main supply needed is spray paint and these ladies prove that just a little goes a really long way. Watch the video and be sure to head over to PureWow for more design ideas, like how to easily create hand-picked floral arrangements.)

We're feeling extra crafty today.

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