3 Steps To Make A Cat Tent From An Old T-Shirt

Meow-velous! 🐱

If you have a cat, chances are they're your best friend. And what do best friends do? ...Go camping together! (Indoors, of course.)

Make your cat this comfy T-shirt tent with 3 steps adapted from Instructables.

To make the tent, you'll need 2 wire hangers, 4 safety pins, a square piece of cardboard and a T-shirt.


Straighten out the hangers so you have two long pieces of wire. Use the ends to poke a hole in each corner of your cardboard base.


Shape the hangers into an arch, tape the middle together, and stick one end through each hole. Secure with tape.


Slide the T-shirt over the tent frame, with the neck hole in front. Pin down the sleeves and bottom of the shirt so there are no holes.

Voila! Your cat is going to looove climbing inside.

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