3 Stunning DIY Centerpieces That Require Zero Effort

Melissa Michaels's DIY centerpieces are as easy as 1, 2, 3.



Anyone can assemble a lovely tablecloth, pretty plates and fine flatware, but what really says celebration is the centerpiece. "The best ones are inspired by what you actually have in your home," says Melissa Michaels, who writes the Inspired Room blog and is the author of Love the Home You Have and The Inspired Room. All you need: a container, objects to place in it and a little something extra to round out your display. As you scout your home and yard for table-worthy items, look for contrasts in shape, height and sheen. "If you have something round, pair it with something tall," Michaels says. "And combining rustic and shiny always looks more interesting." Place your creation and then have a seat to make sure it won't block anyone's view. It's OK if your centerpiece isn't a conversation starter -- so long as it's not a conversation ender!

1. The Base + The Focus + The Filler

2. The Base + The Focus + The Filler

3. The Base + The Focus + The Filler

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