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Leslie Reichert, 'Green Cleaning Coach,' Shares A DIY Cleaner That Makes This Task Relaxing

It's cheap, easy and might actually inspire you to tackle that to-do list.

Cleaning and organizing can be a drag, but sometimes trying these chores in a new way can totally change your outlook. That's why we're reaching out to our favorite cleaning experts to get their best tips for getting a fresh start and making these tasks more manageable -- and less stressful.

One of the worst parts about scrubbing our home until it sparkles is the noxious fumes that many cleaning products emit, leaving our hands pruney and smelly. But Leslie Reichert from Green Cleaning Coach told us it's simple to make your own cleaner, and you'll feel better having more control over what's inside of it.

The best part of mixing your own products is that you can choose your own scent and turn cleaning into an aromatherapy session. Reichert has the recipe for mixing up an effective scrub on her website, which combines a few common household products, borax, salt and baking soda, with the essential oils of your choice (we love peppermint or lavender). To make it easy to use, decant the mixture into a repurposed (and, obviously, clean) cheese shaker. As you clean, the oils will lightly scent the air and just might make the tidying process more fun. Or, at least, tolerable.

make your own cleaner
Illustration by Raydene Salinas

Here are a few of Leslie Reichert's other great household tips:

Want to get the whole family involved? Initiate a daily "ten minute tidy" by setting an egg timer and have each person pick a room to focus on. It's amazing what you can get done in a short time!

Mandate a clean sink rule: The Reicherts never leave dishes here -- they go straight into the dish washer -- and Leslie wipes out the sink, a potentially germy spot, with her homemade scrub to keep it fresh.

Have a great tip or trick to add to our list? Let us know!

Get A Fresh Start On Cleaning And Organizing

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