DIY Clock Inspired By Marc Jacobs Accessories

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In celebration of Marc Jacobs' series of limited-edition accessories in collaboration with the release of Stephanie LaCava's memoir, An Extraordinary Theory of Objects (P.S.- 100% of proceeds will be donated to Child Mind Institute), we have created a timeless piece of our own. If your New Year's resolution was to be more creative and start making things, get on it - the clock's ticking! Crave for curiosities, scour your local flea market, toy stores or jewelry boxes, and get on board with a DIY that supports the theory that time flies!

diy clock

To create: Coat twelve plastic insects with silver spray paint. Once fully dried, adhere mounting tape to the back of each bug. Mount the clock dial in the desired place and stick each bug around at the correct hour. For extra precision, you may want to mark the hours with a pencil before mounting the bugs.

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