DIY Costa Rican Coffee

If you've ever been on the wrong side of a coffee addict before their first cup in the morning, you're gonna love this.


Yeni and I recently spent a week at the Four Seasons Costa Rica for our show, A Fork on the Road. After hearing from misty-eyed Costa Rican tourists for years, we figured it was time to head to the isthmus ourselves and see what all the gushing was about.

Every Four Seasons is great, uh... its a Four Seasons. But I've never been to a more lush, and naturally opulent property in my life. The rooms are woven into the fabric of the mountainside and jungle so you feel like you're living on the land... if the land had HDTV and jacuzzis.

There's plenty to do, adventure-wise. We zip-lined, white water rafted, horseback-rode and crashed in the waves. Every day was different... except for how they all began: sipping dark, aromatic Costa Rican coffee on our patio.


Costa Rica is rightfully famous for its coffee. There are three grades, low, mid and highlands. The highlands are the most robust and flavorful. If you've bought Costa Rican coffee stateside, that's what you probably bought. The Costa Ricans are smart - they drink their good coffee and export their excellent coffee... so more of us come down there to meet more of them.


Anyone can BUY Costa Rican Coffee, but it takes a local Barista to brew it correctly. Luckily, we found our own, Hector, who showed us the authentic, more flavorful way to brew his country's most delicious asset. HINT: Even if you could FIND a Krupps, there ain't no place to plug it in in the jungle.

You can easily find genuine Costa Rican Coffee machines everywhere, even Etsy. For more video, travel discounts and hacks, and our weekly podcast, visit A Fork on the Road Show and follow me on Twitter @MarkDeCarlo.

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