DIY Desktop Background Collage

DIY Desktop Background Collage
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Changing your desktop background is a great way to change up your life without doing anything too drastic. It's a fun way to change up your work space without spending any money (except for a few cents on your electricity bill). There are lots of pretty desktop backgrounds on the Internet already, but you can just as easily create your own custom-made desktop background just using the Internet. Creating your own background is a fun way to express yourself, and it's a great break from studying.

  • the ~*INTERNET*~
  1. Pick out a general color palate that you'd like your desktop background to follow. If you have no idea, do a quick search on design seeds for what color palate catches your eye.2015-07-30-1438267234-8716919-ScreenShot20150606at5.04.09PM.png

  • Create a folder on your computer of images that you'd like to use for your collage and find images on the Internet with that color scheme through Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google (or any other websites you use to find images). Also, find some cool patterns and throw in some black and white images and quotes that might add to your collage.
  • Open up Picmonkey and create a design that is the size of your desktop (you can Google this or find it in your desktop setting).2015-07-30-1438267362-9777164-ScreenShot20150606at5.26.25PM.png
  • If you'd like, make a few changes to your canvas. For example, you can change the canvas color of your desktop background. (You can also do this later when you have a better idea of what you'd like to do).
  • In the overlays tab (the one with a butterfly), add the images you have saved and adjust the sizes and positions of the pictures to where you would like them. (Play around with different layouts since you can easily change them around).2015-07-30-1438267399-1963459-ScreenShot20150606at5.30.09PM1024x511.png
  • If you want to create a cut-out look to an image, utilize the eraser tab and erase the parts of the image that you don't want. Zoom in on the picture for more precision.2015-07-30-1438267439-1154268-ScreenShot20150606at5.32.36PM.png
  • Once you've finished, play around with different layouts and add text (or more images). Try adding some squares with different color patterns, changing the positions of the pictures, rotating your images, and leaving some white space on your canvas.2015-07-30-1438267662-7532264-ScreenShot20150606at6.11.06PM1024x527.png
  • Add your final touches. You can add text, a filter, or whatever else you'd like. (I decided to skip this step).
  • Save and set it as your desktop background.2015-07-30-1438267487-3645051-Untitled1024x640.jpg
  • Now, you've got a masterpiece. Sell it in the MOMA for $1,200 or keep it for personal use (I did the latter).

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