This 4-Ingredient DIY Drain Cleaner Will Clear Clogs In No Time

Go forth and unclog.

We all dread the inevitable drain clogs that plague our sinks and bathtubs. As water starts to pool around your ankles in the shower, you know it’s time to tackle the matted hair, soap scum and dirt building up in the drain. But many drain cleaners are loaded with chemicals that can burn your eyes and skin. If used improperly, these cleaners may release noxious fumes and can even cause explosions.

For a non-toxic alternative, check out BuzzFeed’s Nifty video above. All you need is some baking soda, salt and white vinegar from your kitchen for this DIY Drain-o. You’ll also need boiling water for the final step. That’s it. Only four ingredients stand between you and a functioning drain.

So go forth and unclog. No more showering ankle-deep in your own filth. You’re better than that.