10 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas That Look More Complicated Than They Are (PHOTOS)

When a gift arrives in a beautifully hand-wrapped package it's a bit more special.
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It's the thought behind the gift that counts, but when that gift arrives in a beautifully hand wrapped package it's a bit more special. Receiving a fabulously wrapped gift doesn't just build up anticipation for the gift inside, it adds to the gift as a whole. If you're looking to push your holiday gifts to the next level this year you might want to take a look at our roundup of DIY gift wrap ideas. Whatever's inside the box, with these ideas and instructions, the present will look gorgeous.

DIY gift wrapping can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. You can do something simple, like wrapping your gift in kraft paper and decorating it with washi tape, or get your hands dirty and make some yarn pom-poms. However you decide to decorate your gift, you can always find something lying around the house to use. Not only is DIY gift wrapping thoughtful, it's also cost-effective.

Fringed With Streamers
Willow Day's crepe paper fringe can also be blinged out by using metallic paper.Find Willow Day:Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Eraser-Stamped Wrap
Cotton and Flax teaches us how to decorate our standard wrapping paper using the art of hand stamping. You can create your own stamp with a printmaking block or save some cash and use an eraser.Find Cotton and Flax: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Neon Price Tag Art
Neon's never been so easy. Design Sponge has an easy tutorial for brightly colored gift wrap designs using neon price tag stickers. Now that's thinking outside the box!Find Design Sponge: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
Metallic Accents
Gold and silver are the quintessential holiday colors, so you've got to have some metallic in your gift wrap. Odessa May Society's simple metallic wrapping is truly is simple to do, and adds a little sparkle to all gifts.Find Odessa May Society: Twitter and Pinterest
Washi Tape Wrap
Washi tape is very popular right now and it's the easiest way to jazz up your gift quickly. Poppytalk has a wonderful tutorial on washi tape wrapping. Follow these instructions and your gift won't look like just tape on paper.Find Poppytalk: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Yarn Pom-Poms
It seems complicated but this yarn pom pom will just take you a few minutes to make. Sugar and Cloth teaches us how to make the pom poms with just cardboard, scissors, and yes, yarn.Find Sugar and Cloth: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Book Page Wrap
Have you ever thought of sewing your own gift wrap... from pages from an old book? It's simpler than you may think. Head over to It's a House for details.Find It's a House: Facebook and Pinterest.
Woven Paper
If you're an anti-bow person, the woven paper topper may be the right gift wrap idea for you. It's a unique gift topper... and a quick fix to any bad wrapping job! Head over to Mini Eco for details.Find Mini Eco: Facebook and Pinterest.
Rustic 'Tree' Toppers
If you really want to cause a stir with your gift you can create mini Christmas tree toppers. Fellow Fellow explains how to do this in really easy, bite size steps.Find Fellow Fellow: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Free Printables
No craft skills whatsoever? Hey Look is your gift wrap savior. Pop over to Hey Look for free downloads for ancor patterned gift wraps and gift tags. Print, cut, wrap.Find Hey Look: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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