Homemade Gift Ideas: DIY Gift Wrap (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Turn A Shopping Bag Into Gift Wrap

Forget the message in a bottle, try scribbling messages into wrapping paper instead! This homemade gift idea uses only a marker and some sentiment to turn a brown shopping bag into meaningful wrapping paper.

What You'll Need
Shopping bag

How To Make It
1. Cut the shopping bag open along its seams to make a flat paper.
2. Pick any message you want and write it along the shopping bag in long, even rows that are horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
3. Choose a few spots to go over your writing, making the letters slightly bolder and more noticeable.
4. Wrap your package.

To learn how to make this fun bow and for a full photo tutorial, visit The Sweetest Occasion.

Flip through the slideshow below for more great DIY gift wraps and be sure to check out our other homemade gift ideas.

Chevron Gift Wrap

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