Incredibly Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas That'll Make You Want To Wrap Presents

Because you have mere DAYS to get this done.

With Christmas around the corner, it's time to buckle down and finally finish wrapping those presents. By now you're probably in one of two situations: You're down to your last few gifts, but are completely out of wrapping paper or you haven't even begun to tackle that giant pile of gifts under the tree and are now panicking.

No matter your gift wrapping status, we're here to help. Take a deep breath, scroll through the photos below and get those creative juices flowing. You can do this.

Use Scraps
A Beautiful Mess
As demonstrated by A Beautiful Mess, you can put pretty much anything on gifts and call it art. Have an orange mesh bag from the last time you ate clementines? Layer it underneath your ribbon. Have an old pom pom hat you were planning to toss? Cut off the pom pom and use it as a gift topper.
Skip The Bow And Seal With A Sticker
Homey Oh My
Tired of the same tried-and-true red ribbon? Go minimal and modern with stickers instead. Head over to Homey Oh My to learn how to design your own.
Get Creative With The Extra Tissue You'd Otherwise Toss
Earnest Home Co.
Just like hot dogs and hot dog buns, the gift bag to tissue paper ratio is always unequal. Instead of splurging on extra bags, use your leftover tissue paper to wrap gift cards and other tiny goodies. The DIY by Earnest Home Co. is fantastically simple.
Experiment With Leather
If you're looking to get really creative, adorn your packages with strips of leather, like Paper & Stitch demonstrates with these cute and colorful packages.
Paint Your Paper
Almost Makes Perfect
No artist could resist this DIY by Almost Makes Perfect using paint. Try making your own patterns -- or splatters -- on a roll of good 'ol brown paper.
Use Unlikely Materials For Decoration
Never have straws looked so chic. I Spy DIY shows us how to turn the drink accessories into creative package decorations. Head on over to the site for even more zany ideas, like stamping the message you would usually save for the inside of a card onto the outside of the package.
Use All Paper
Delia Creates
No ribbon or Christmas bows? No problem. Just head to your nearest printer for a stack of paper perfect for making star gift toppers, snowflake cutouts and bows. Head over to Delia Creates for details.
Go Crazy With Gift Toppers
The House That Lars Built
Speaking of paper, The House That Lars Built shows us that you can get creative with colored paper too. Instead of sticking to a traditional bow, why not go for something fun like a paper tree or pom pom?
Use Your Wrapping Paper Wisely
Earnest Home Co.
Trying to save paper? Try your hand at paper layering like Earnest Home Co. Instead of using your expensive patterned paper to wrap the entire package, use it as a decorative strip down the center. Use cheaper brown paper for full coverage, so the pattern really pops.
When In Doubt, Throw It In A Cute Jar
A Beautiful Mess
This is the ultimate last minute tip from A Beautiful Mess. If you're gifting something edible or small, throw it in a jar for a charming handmade look. For a personal touch, fasten your card to the outside of the container with dainty ribbon or string.

Want more DIY inspiration? Learn how to create a gift tag out of those random paint chips you have laying around the house in the video below:

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