DIY Gift Ideas: Stylish Accessories For Your Fashionista Friends

Everyone has that fashionista friend with an impeccable sense of style on their holiday list (you know, the one who's nearly impossible to please when it comes to gifts). So how do you find something for the style maven who has everything? Whether it's for a fashionable friend or your jewelry-obsessed younger sis, these DIY fashion and accessories ideas will end your search and save you lots of cash. Give your best gal pal a one-of-a-kind gift -- a homemade black bow belt or ribbon and crystal earrings -- that is sure to get her style stamp of approval.

1. Holly Golightly Sleeping Mask

Is your stylista friend an Audrey Hepburn fan? This Breakfast at Tiffany's-inspired sleeping mask is perfect for any girly girl. Follow the DIY tutorial from Carry On...Carry On... and give your best gal pal the gift of a fabulous nights' sleep.

2. Countertop Cosmetic Holder

Give your makeup-obsessed friend this homemade cosmetic holder (check out the tutorial from P.S.- I Made This) to display all her beauty products and keep her vanity nice and tidy. When its time to head out for a night on the town, she'll never keep you waiting again!

3. Hanging Jewelry Box

For your best friend with the most baubles, bangles, and beads, this hanging jewelry box is the perfect gift. Following these simple instructions on Engineer Your Space, you can turn a picture frame into a homemade jewelry organizer that will keep help keep jewels and hair accessories organized.

4. Houndstooth Cape

If you need the perfect gift for a fashionista who's always sporting fresh-off-the-runway looks, try this DIY houndstooth cape from Glitter 'N Glue, which will keep your fashionable/trendy friend warm and looking stylish all winter long.

5. Printed Coin Purse

This DIY coin purse from Flamingo Toes is cute, colorful and the perfect size for carrying her phone, keys, and lipstick. (Plus, it's modeled after a pricey purse from Anthropologie, and looks just like the real thing!

6. Easy Elastic Headband

This homemade elastic headband from the blog Thanks, I Made It is a great gift for one of your girliest gal pals. Following this easy DIY tutorial, you can make her a stylish new hair accessory.

7. Chain and Pearl Multi-Row Bracelet

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but for your BFF, this chain and pearl multi-row bracelet from Flamingo Toes makes the perfect gift. Inspired by this David Yurman piece, which retails at a whopping $1,200, this homemade version is just as stylish and barely a fraction of the price.

8. Little Black Bow Belt

Give your best gal pal a homemade little black bow belt for the holidays this year. Follow these easy instructions from Runway DIY to create a stylish accessory that makes any outfit look instantly chic.

9. Ribbon and Crystal Earrings

These ribbon and crystal earrings from Stripes & Sequins blog are the perfect gift for a glamour girl. Inspired by the Suzanna Dai collection, your friend will love looking fabulous in a one-of-a-kind pair.

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