DIY Nail Art: Halloween-Inspired Vampire Fangs Manicure (VIDEO)

Sink Your Teeth Into This Halloween Nail Art

Our fascination with vampires has only intensified since spending lazy Sundays watching "Twilight" and "True Blood" marathons. And we have to admit that we sort of envy these dark creatures for being forever ageless. But whether you're on Team Edward or hot for Eric Northman, we're pretty sure you'll appreciate this vampire fangs DIY nail art.

In the video above (fast forward to the 1:32 mark if you want to jump straight to the tutorial), we see how Jenny of Polish and Pearls transforms her sexy red nails (OPI So Hot It Berns) into a sharp-toothed grin using a thin black nail stripper brush and white nail art pen. And while the vampire fangs look pretty precise to us, recreating them is as simple as drawing on tiny dots. Well, we can do that!

What do you think about this vampire fangs manicure? Would you wear the design on all nails or just one or two fingers? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

Meanwhile, check out this scaredy cat DIY nail art. And scroll down for more awesome manicures in our slideshow below.

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DIY Nail Art

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