5 DIY Headboard Ideas That Aren't Technically Supposed To Be Headboards (PHOTOS)

This is one item that you should definitely DIY -- at least before committing to something way more expensive.

When you're starting your first real grown-up home, a headboard tends to be one of the last items of furniture that you'll buy. This is mainly based on observation and my own personal bias, as I've lived comfortably without buying an honest-to-goodness headboard for about a year now. Instead, I have a simple bed frame. I've survived.

Want to hear my excuses? O.K. then. Headboards are arbitrarily expensive (you can often buy a whole bed for less than one headboard), they're heavy and there's the paranoia that the thing will fall over while you're sleeping. So, I don't want to deal with that for the time being.

If you're in the same boat, check out these DIY ideas that take out the aforementioned downsides of headboard ownership with a little clever repurposing.

Idea #1: Cardboard + Fabric = Headboard
diy headboard
Flickr photo by StacieStacieStacie. Here's how she made it.

Idea #2: Painted "Headboard"
diy headboard
Flickr photo by MoodleMoodle

Idea #3: "Install" A Surfboard
diy headboard
Flickr photo by Charlie Brewer

Idea #4: Repurpose A Big Painting
diy headboard
Flickr photo by gaelx

Idea #5: Use An Old Door
diy headboard
Flickr photo by David Jacquin. And here's the BEFORE.

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