I Heal

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I heal.

In these words, I invite you to find a practical strategy for living and a gateway to wholeness.

To say, "I heal," is, of course, a description of something humans have always done -- our bodies naturally balance and re-balance themselves most of the time.

This is a powerful truth: Self-healing is normal. Like breathing. The key is to let go of blocks to this natural inclination whether they be behavioral, mental or spiritual. It helps to be conscious that our minds, our hearts and our spirits are also naturally healing.

Let's think a little more about these two words.

  • "I heal" can reveal intentionality -- as in I heal myself. I think of this as choosing healing.
  • "I heal" can also mean being of service to the world around you, helping someone else be -- or become -- healthy, sound and whole -- as in I heal another.
  • For me, the wisdom does not lie in separating the meanings and choosing one or the other. The wisdom blooms when I join the meanings -- when I choose healing for myself so that I may heal others. When healing others becomes one of the most wholesome, healthful, balancing things I can do for myself.

    I am not a doctor. Nor do I have any training in any medical or traditional healing discipline.

    That's the point.

    Imagine healing as everyone's calling.

    Imagine healing not as magic, but as standard equipment, easy to operate.

    Imagine healing as an unlocked door always there -- waiting only for us to open it and enter.

    What if we sought that healing -- for ourselves and others -- through being of service, through helping people -- including ourselves -- become happy or healthy, sound or whole?

    We separately focus on our common colds, our flus, our broken bones, our cancers, our obesity, our you-name-it-illness-or-injury-or-syndrome. Then we seek the medicine or therapy or meditation or exercise or surgery that will treat that particular malady.

    This can be useful.

    But it can also lead us away from the two words that can join our health and harmony with that of the world we live in. These words.

    I heal.

    Imagine healing as a circle. You give to it. You receive from it. It has no end or beginning. And you always have a choice -- to be on the circle of healing or to step off of it.

    What would you choose? What do you choose?

    If in your heart you want to choose healing, but find doubts and worries prevail, can you name exactly what holds you back from embracing healing? What do you risk by making this choice? How does staying off the circle serve you or others?

    For me, a sense of wellness grows from a sense of gratefulness that I have the opportunity to participate in the circle -- to give and to receive.

    It's worth remembering that healing is a process, not any particular stage or state, certainly not a level of ideal functioning. (Stasis is the grand illusion.)

    Instead, by saying "I heal," I take a leap of faith. I accept that healing is a way of being that includes a myriad of conditions including ill-health, chronic disease and even death -- a way of being that is, nonetheless, always moving towards wholeness and balance.

    I heal.

    I pray these two words become part of your daily practice of living.

    Two simple, powerful words -- blessings to remind and guide us.

    Two words to say we choose our potential, that we create our lives through the catalyst of free will, that healing is more about effort and intent than results, more about being than achieving.