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Easter Crafts: Set The Table With Easy Eggshell Candles

Don't just dye Easter eggs this year. Transform them into charming candles that bring a bit of color to your table. Use cute egg cups as candle holders for these creative votives, or put your eggs back in the carton for a very unique effect. It's a simple project that's perfect for spring but doesn't take long to make. Keep reading for the easy how-to.

Photo by Jen Berlingo of Paint Cut Paste

For this project, you will need a dozen eggs, some wax shavings and candle wicks you can pick up at the craft store. First, use a needle to pierce a hole in the tops of each egg. Then, gently break away the shell (about a quarter of the way down your egg) to create a small opening. After draining out the yolks, carefully dye your eggshells in pretty pastel colors using food coloring or the kit of your choice. Next, begin to melt your wax shavings in a pot over the stove. When the wax is warm (but not fully melted), place a small spoonful at the bottom of each eggshell and insert in your wicks. Then, pour in the rest of the hot wax around the wick, filling the eggshell about halfway. When the wax cools and hardens, you will have a beautiful centerpiece perfect for lighting up the holiday.

For the full tutorial, visit Paint Cut Paste.