DIY IKEA Hack Is The Prettiest Banquette Seat We've Ever Seen (PHOTOS)

An IKEA Hack That You Have To See

We've seen some pretty cool IKEA hacks in the past, but when one of our readers sent over this DIY banquette seat made from a shelving unit, we were completely impressed with its chic design and low price.

Blogger Krys Melo from "Melodrama" thought banquette seating would look perfect in her dining room, but after searching endlessly for the right piece she couldn't find one. So, she cleverly took IKEA's Expedit piece, turned it on its side and voila. She added backing and a comfortable to complete the pretty look.



We love how easy it was for the blogger to create and we're totally fans of the extra storage space the piece provides. Head over to "Melodrama" to see the full tutorial and be sure to click through our slideshow of other awesome DIY projects.

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