DIY Mother's Day Gift: A Thoughtful Alternative To Greeting Cards

A Unique Way To Tell Mom 'I Love You'

There's something about a homemade present that just feels more thoughtful -- and this "10 Things I Love About You" book is the perfect example. Bound together with a simple binder ring (or even a piece of ribbon), it's an easy-to-make Mother's Day gift idea that's sure to make mom smile -- and it won't cost you a cent. (Though we do recommend complimenting this DIY gift with something special...perhaps a nice bottle of wine?) Ready to show her how much you care? Keep reading for the how-to.

Photo by Ashley Connelly of The Creative Place

For this project, you will need card stock, a binder ring or piece of ribbon and a hole punch. You will also want to make filler pages using old photos, magazine cut-outs, letters, thank you notes and any other item that reminds you of mom. Blogger Ashley Connelly of The Creative Place even included old sewing patterns in hers, since her mother likes to sew.

To make your book, start by cutting your pages and card stock into 2"x3.5" pieces and punch a hole in the top left corner of all of them. Next, number your blank cards 1 through 10 and write a different reason why you love mom on each of them. Loop your cards onto the binder ring. In between each page, add the photos and cut-outs you've collected. When you're all done, you'll have a beautiful keep-sake book that your mom will love.

For the full tutorial, visit The Creative Place.

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