10 DIY Mother's Day Gifts That Totally Beat A Framed Photo

10 DIY Mother's Day Gifts That Totally Beat A Framed Photo

Mother's Day is a special opportunity to tell our moms how much we truly love them. But there is only so much that store-bought perfumes, framed pictures and fancy brunches can say.

This year, make your mom something a bit more personal, whether she's into beauty, food or just quality time with you. When you unveil one of these thoughtful DIY gifts, your mom (and your wallet!) will thank you.

1. Breakfast to go
Switch up the typical breakfast in bed gift with a trip to the park, beach or your favorite hiking lookout. Mini loaves and a jar of homemade jam is a great start.

2. The cutest coasters she's EVER seen
These easy-to-make photo coasters are almost too adorable to cover with a mug.

3. Two-step monogram mug
Draw your favorite font with Sharpie, and bake in the oven for 30 minutes. Voila!
diy mug

4. Flowers that never fade
Distressed Mason jars require a little bit of paint and some faux blooms. They're an everlasting version of the average bouquet!

5. The yummiest homemade body scrub
Vanilla, brown sugar, strawberry. Use her favorite flavors to make a homemade scrub. Place it in a cute jar so your mom's bathroom will look lovely while smelling delicious.
body scrub

6. A sweet scavenger hunt
Write out clues sending your mom to the special spots in your town, and have her complete tasks she'll love, like buying a yummy croissant at the bakery, or getting a pedicure at the nail salon. Surprise her at the end with a mother-daughter picnic.

7. Handmade soap she'll actually use
DIY-ing your own soap means you can tailor it to your mom's preferences with a few drops of her favorite essential oil, or petals from her favorite flower.

8. Photo clothespins worth a thousand words
Deck out her bedroom, kitchen or garden in your favorite photos from the last year, with a sweet note on the back of each one.

9. A teacup candle
A vintage teacup-turned-candle will make her morning routine just a little bit cozier.
tea cup candle

10. A framed photo (of a framed photo, of a framed photo)
For the woman who has a lot of women in her life, try orchestrating a multi-generational pic that will be sure to bring a few tears.

For even more ideas, check out some of our other favorite projects on HuffPost's DIY Pinterest Board.

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