DIY Mugs

Everyone loves a great mug and these DIY mugs are easy to make and use yourself or give as a gift. Want a fun way to make them with friends? Host a DIY Mug Making Afternoon Tea Party!

First up are these gorgeous marbled mugs (photo above) from burlap + blue. They’re super easy to make with items you already have or can find at your local discount store. With a few drops of your favorite nail polish and a tub of water, you can make mugs in a variety of colors.

With a little chalkboard paint, you can have a different mug everyday. Wit & whistle has the easy DIY for this fun and creative mug that will inspire you to create new messages and designs with every cup of tea.

While they may look difficult to make, these decal transfer mugs from Dreams Factory can by made in just five minutes. You will need to buy the decal transfer paper online, but once you have it you can make a set of decorative mugs in an afternoon.

What a great idea! A DIY mug as a gift with another gift inside. Another great idea from burlap + blue with a free printable tag for gift giving to your child’s favorite teacher. You can even get some help from your child in creating these beautiful mugs.

What a great idea for Valentine’s Day! These charming mugs from Bren Did are quick and easy to make with your favorite color Sharpies. Make a one-of-a-kind gift for your favorite Valentine to enjoy their morning cup of tea with.

With so many wonderful (and easy!) ideas for DIY mugs, why not make your very own personalized version. A different mug design for every day of the week!

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