DIY Nail Art: A Colorblock Manicure With Mod Appeal (PHOTOS)

Here at the office, our desks are covered with the season's latest nail polishes. There are so many colors to choose from for today's Manicure Monday, we thought we'd never decide on a shade. That is, until we came across this colorblock manicure.

Sarah of the blog Chalkboard Nails combined three different spring nail polishes for a mod-inspired design. The bright colors stand out thanks to the crisp lines she perfected by using stationary tape (one of the many tricks we use to get the perfect zig-zags and half-moons.)

Keep scrolling down for Sarah's tutorial to recreate this colorblock manicure. (And click here to watch the step-by-step video.)

diy nail art colorblock manicure

1. Start by painting your nails with Sally Hansen Blue-Away and let it dry completely. If you'd like, apply a coat of Clearly Quick to speed up the wait time. Once the polish is 100 percent dry, grab a piece of tape and place it vertically on your nail, dividing it in half.

2. Paint over the exposed half of the nail with Sally Hansen Lightening, being sure you overlap the tape line just a touch.

3. Slowly peel off the tape, leaving a crisp line of polish down the middle of your nail. Before moving on to the next step, let the polish dry completely.

4. Place a new piece of tape on your nail, this time dividing it horizontally. (Optional: Place another piece of tape vertically to form the other side of your final square.)

5. Paint half of your nail with Sally Hansen Fuchsia Flare. If you did not add the optional piece of tape from step four, paint as carefully as you can to maintain the line dividing your nail in half vertically.

6. Slowly peel off the tape. Let the polish set, then finish with top coat.

Want to kick up your nail art a few more notches? Here's some inspiration:

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