DIY Nail Art: Halloween-Inspired Scaredy Cat Manicure (PHOTO)

Because of the black cats... get it?

Growing up around superstitious cousins who'd warn me not to let a black cat cross my path, has forced me to avoid the feline at all costs. Yet, I've always been a little jealous of friends who had them as pets (and no doubt one would sure come in handy now with my mouse phobia). So I'm hoping to gradually overcome my fear with this DIY nail art.

To kick off a month of Halloween nail art (and illustrate their love for cats) Danielle and Jenny of the blog Polish You Pretty created this black kitty-inspired design. We love the use of bright nail colors, especially the pop of green for piercing eyes. Scroll down for the duo's how-to for this manicure.

diy nail art manicure scaredy cat collage
Photos: Judy Garland, Getty Images; OPI Do You Lilac It?; OPI Black Onyx; CND Green Scene; CND Flamingo; Polish You Pretty's scaredy cat DIY nail art

Step 1: File nails into an oval shape and prep with a base coat nail polish
Step 2: Apply a shade that will pop with the black cats like OPI Do You Lilac It?
Step 3: Paint a half circle off the tip of the nail in OPI Black Onyx, then add two triangles for ears
Step 4: For the eyes, begin by drawing on two white almond shapes using the Migi Nail Art Pen
Step 5: Add the final touches: CND Green Scene for a bright eye color, CND Flamingo for a small triangle pink nose and the white nail pen to make whiskers
Step 6: Seal your design with a top coat

What do you think about this black cat-inspired manicure? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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Click through the slideshow below for more DIY nail art.

DIY Nail Art

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