DIY Nail Art: Sweet Snowman Manicure (PHOTO)

You won't hear any complaints coming from me about the lack of snowy mornings I've woken up to this winter. Yet, a part of me always hopes for a white Christmas. So just in case Mother Nature decides to not grant my wish this holiday, I'm going to take a different route to catching snowflakes with this DIY nail art.

Jane of the blog Nailside created a manicure featuring a super sweet snowman. Mimicking a design perfected by fellow nail art enthusiast Simply Rins, she decked out the classic character with a top hat, blue-striped scarf and big grin. How fitting? Scroll down for the step-by-step instructions on how to get this look.

diy nail art snowman manicure collage Photos: Katy Perry, Getty Images; Essence Viva La Green; Liquitex Titanium White Acrylic Paint; Sally Hansen Black Nail Art Pen; Forever 21 Love & Beauty Neon Orange Nail Polish; Nailside's sweet snowman DIY nail art

1. File nails to desired shape and prep with a base coat. 2. Paint on two coats of Essence Viva La Green" (a rich mint green), allowing enough dry time between each application. 3. Use a black nail art pen to draw on the outline of a snowman on your ring finger, including a top hat and scarf. 4. Fill in the snowman (starting with the face and body) with a small brush and white acrylic paint. 5. Draw on a triangle-shaped nose in black. 6. Choose a bright shade to brighten up the snowman's scarf, then add a red stripe to hat. 7. Color in the nose with a bright orange nail polish to resemble a carrot. 8. Create two small black dots for the eyes, then a series of tinier spots for a smile. 9. Add detailing to the scarf by painting on white stripes. 10. To finish, seal your holiday nail art design with top coat.

What do you think about this snowman-inspired nail art? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

Click through the slideshow below for more DIY nail art.

DIY Nail Art

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