If You Want DIY Ombre Hair, This Is How It Should Be Done

Ombré hair may have landed on our list of trends NOT to do in 2014, but we're still seeing it everywhere. And we really started to question our reasoning when we met graphic designer Jenny Huang.

Huang's ombré hair isn't the over-exaggerated bleached color that looks good on no one. Her dye job is distinctively subtle yet sexy, so you see how our minds were blown when she told HuffPost Style that she did it at home.

The trick to her DIY ombré? "You want it to look really natural so make sure to use a comb," said Huang. "Make it fade out really naturally [and] tease the blonde in an upward direction."

This may go against every technique you learned about the "proper" way to comb your hair. But if it gives you amazing at-home hair color results like this, we say it's worth the risk. Check out the photo to learn more of Huang's beauty secrets.

diy ombre hair color

Beauty Street Style: Jenny Huang