Pet Halloween Costumes Are The Spooky, Yet Cute Trend Of 2015


"Woof!" That's the sound of your dog dressed up as a ghost. Because yes, our pets love Halloween, too, according to Pinterest.

The social platform reports that users started pinning Halloween inspiration in early July, and since then, there's been a 260 percent increase in costume pins. Interestingly, the data also shows that humans are taking a backseat to their dogs and cats, as DIY pet costumes are the most pinned.

So, what is your furry friend dressing up as this year? The possibilities are endless, including a Cookie Monster pug, an Eeyore kitty and of course a loofah Pomeranian.

Take a look at more pet costumes below and make your pet nice and spooky.

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The do's and dont's of pet Halloween costumes:

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