DIY Porch Potty Is The Ultimate Solution For City Dogs Or Lazy Pet Owners (PHOTOS)

It also happens to be a lazy pet-owner's dream come true.

It's pretty easy being a dog... except if it gets stuck with a lazy owner, of course.

But, in an effort to give his new pup some "independence," one Redditor was inspired to build an outdoor DIY porch potty so the little guy can take care of business all on his own. And from the looks of it, it seems like the ultimate solution for city dogs, too.

This DIYer shared photos of the process on Reddit, where we learned a little bit about the gadget's mechanics. The platform is made from a 2' x 6' bottom-draining water heater drip pan, a slab of plywood cut to the same dimensions (with a hole for the drain sprout) and an expanded steel frame to support the dog's weight. The plumbing leads to the down sprout, which allows for flushing capability and drainage. Finished with a bed of astroturf and a lid to hold everything in place, we couldn't be more impressed with this doggie's owner.

To see photos of this cool invention, flip through the slideshow below.

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