The Coziest DIY Rug Takes <em>Literally</em> 2 Steps To Make

It's not a fall weekend without some cozy in-home DIY.

And we all know our floors could use a snuggly upgrade for winter -- one that will tickle our feet but not our wallets. This DIY T-shirt rug will keep your toes warm when cold nights hit, and it's the perfect little project to knit while you binge on "Breaking Bad."

T-shirt Jersey Shag Rug
Adapted from Lana Von Haught on Instructables

You'll Need:
Bent-nose pliers (like ones you might use for jewelry making)
Utility fabric rug liner (sold by the yard at most fabric stores -- your final rug size will be about 2.25' x 3')
Jersey fabric (about eight yards)
A rotary cutter and rotary cutting mat (at least 2' x 3')
A lip edge ruler

Step 1: Cut your fabric
Fold your fabric in half and then half again so that you have four layers to cut through. Position the fabric on the mat horizontally, and cut it into three horizontal 6-inch strips. Then, cut those into 1.5-inch strips perpendicularly.

Step 2: Knot your rug
Use the hook to pull a strip of fabric through a hole in the rug liner...
lana von haught

...then tie it in a knot. Make sure to tie the knots so they face outward on the outer edges of the rug.
lana von haught

Knot over an entire row of rug liner at a time and then move on to the next, skipping a row in between (the fabric is so thick, you won't need to knot every row). Continue until you run out of strips, and trim any leftover rug liner. Voila!

lana von haught

lana von haught

Confused? Watch the video for a visual:

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