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DIY Stenciled Spring Pop Art Blazer

I love how it turned out and now me and my old green blazer are trail BLAZing the streets.
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Spring-ify your work blazer a la pop art! Get an Andy Warhol-esque, screen printed look using a stencil from the craft store and an old blazer. I had this hunter green blazer in my closet that was begging for some sprucing so I went mod mad with some white paint and a 1960's inspired, daisy print stencil.

I love how it turned out and now me and my old green blazer are trail BLAZing the streets!

Watch the video tutorial above to see the entire how-to. Comment if you have any questions!


Prep It:

  • Stencil(s) of your choice
  • Fabric paint
  • Foam spouncers
  • Paper plate
  • A blazer -- or whatever article of clothing you'd like to stencil


  1. Lay your blazer on a paint-safe surface and pour some paint in a paper plate.
  2. Place the stencil where you want the design and use the foam spouncer in a vertical blotting motion over the stencil, depositing the paint in the negative space areas onto the fabric below. Note: if you want a cleaner less pop art look than I did you should tape off the area you want stenciled or just paint more slowly and deliberately... I just went crazy!
  3. Contine step 2 until you have your whole back and arms of the blazer covered and let dry.
  4. Turn over and repeat on the front of your blazer -- I chose to just do the lapels and pockets on the front.
  5. Let dry and pop art your butt to a fun partay!

Hope you enjoy your new walking art! Happy spring!

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