DIY Travel Hacks That Will Change How You Pack Forever

25 DIY Travel Hacks That Will Change How You Pack Forever

Packing for a trip can be a daunting task, this we know.

Whether you're concerned about saving space in your bag or the size restrictions on the liquid toiletries, organizing all of your belongings into one spot seems like an impossible feat. What better way to hack your way to a more efficient suitcase than using the best tips and tricks out there. We scoured the do-it-yourself capital of the internet -- Pinterest, of course -- and found the best hacks we could.

Make packing that bag a piece of cake. These tips could potentially change your life or at the very least, your luggage space.

Fill straws with skincare products

Use empty Chapstick tubes to hide valuables

Old sunglass cases can be reused to store chargers

Use a clip to protect your razor blade

Another use for an extra paper clip

A pot holder makes a heat-safe case for your hair tools

Pack your soap and wash cloth together by making this simple case

Never buy a travel sized tooth paste bottle again -- just refill!

Or fill an old eyedropper with toothpaste

Put a cotton-ball or pad in your powdered makeup to keep it from breaking

Use leftover contact cases to store liquid makeup like foundation

Don't stress if you forget your wall plug...

Protect your digital camera with a soap case

Some options to prevent your jewelry from getting tangled:

Use an old shower cap to cover the bottoms of your shoes

Decorate empty medicine bottles to use as a cotton swab container

Prevent your shampoo and conditioner from spilling by using plastic wrap

Or if you don't have plastic wrap use masking tape

Use an empty Tic tac case to store hair pins.

Roll don't fold

Use a belt to keep your collar stiff

Fold your blazer inside out to prevent wrinkles


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