DIY Vacation

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So what does Tyra Banks here have to do with your upcoming Vacation?

She's a "Top Model" for a selfie Vacation? (pun intended)

Say what? Allow me to explain...

First I admit, I love Tyra Banks. She's one of my reality TV binge watching guilty pleasures. She's fab, she's fierce and she's always owning her moments. She also is very passionate about encouraging young women to be real and to strive for their best self.

Recently she posted a selfie of herself #RawAndReal. No camera filters, no makeup, no photo shop, just the real Tyra. The difference between raw and real Tyra and the super model glam cover girl is a team of professionals. It's her mad modeling skills combined with professional photographers, lighting technicians, set designers, stylists, make up people and hair stylists turn typical everyday Tyra into AMAZING Tyra.

It's that professional touch that creates extraordinary.

Speaking of hair stylists, even I know when to call in professional help. My crazy curls met my beloved stylist Dean over 25 years ago and it was a match made in heaven. We've been through blond, red, long, short, marriage, divorce, curls and flat irons together. Dean kindly schools me on his pro techniques. I buy the exact same products, brushes and blowers that he uses. I've actually had more practice styling my own hair than Dean has. Yet somehow when I finish my morning routine, my hair falls somewhere between mediocre to "where's my hat"?

Every time Dean works on my head the result are precise and perfect. Why?...he's a professional. As soon as I get confirmation to appear on TV or at an important family or business event, the very first person I call is Dean. Why would I risk it?
When Dean needs a week off of his feet at the beach he calls me. Why would he risk it?

We're professionals - we understand.

Millions of people will search high and low to work and collaborate with professionals when it comes to their health, home, finances or career. Yet these same people don't think twice about DIY selfie vacation planning.

I'm always teaching people how a professional travel agent can help turn a vacation from mundane into memorable. Words often don't present a clear "picture". Some of us our visual learners. We have to see it to believe it. I that is why I think the Tyra before and after pics here speak volumes. Your entire vacation experience looks entirely different when it's put in the hands of a travel professional.

If you can snap a selfie then you're obviously capable of booking your own flight or hotel for your vacation. What most folks don't realize is that flights and accommodations are just the foundation of any trip. It's like staring at a clean face in the mirror. It's a blank canvas.

Your travel agent is like a make up artist when it comes to creating memorable vacation experiences. We add complimentary colors, cover flaws, enhance features, suggest bling and bring out all the highlights with sparkle and shine.

Ever watch those make over shows on TV? Those people thought they looked perfectly fine and acceptable. It isn't until after the make up artist , hair and fashion stylists work their magic that the entire transformation can be truly appreciated. Once people see the dramatic difference a professional makes, they never go back to life as it used to be.

That's a bit like letting a travel agent plan your vacation.

Think about how hard you've worked all year to afford the time and money for a week or two away from reality. Don't you deserve the super model treatment and the help of a professional who knows how to turn drab into fab?

Just saying!