DIY Wedding Flowers: 9 Reasons <i>Not</i> to DIY on Your Big Day

It will look really nice if I do it myself. Please brides, trust me on this, it won't. You will regret it years from now if not within the next week. You do not want a floral disappointment!
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For many brides, no dream is too big for their wedding day. A beautiful dress, a pretty venue, great food, friends and family, endless love, filled with a backyard of flowers plunked into old mason jars. Wait, what's wrong with that last statement? Why would a bride want "do it yourself" bouquets on her wedding day? Do you make your own dress, cook your own food, and host your wedding in a rec room? I don't think so!

Yes, I realize the obvious reason many brides try to DIY is to save money. But trust me when I say I have worked with small budgets and just like the dress, the cake and other important items on your wedding day, the flowers should not be overlooked!

Here are nine misconceptions many brides have about florals and why you may think you should, but definitely should not DIY your flowers for the big day:

1) I love to garden and want to harvest my own flowers. The chance your garden will be in the right stages of bloom on the exact day and in the exact number and color of blooms is a big gamble.

2) I found a great bargain from an online wholesale company! Think again. Many times you risk the flowers arriving less than perfect leaving you only a day, sometimes even hours, to make them perfect.

3) I can buy my own vases and flowers that will look exactly the same as a florist. Trust me on this one, it doesn't. Most brides don't realize how many flowers it takes to fill an average vase!

4) I want to save money. A great florist can deliver a beautiful arrangement at a reasonable price. In extreme cases, buying retail and arranging on your own may save you 25 percent at max over a good florist.

5) I'm a simple bride with simple taste. A good florist will know how to create the perfect design based off of your personality, simple or extravagant, that will make you feel wonderful and make your guests feel special.

6) I love the natural wild flower look. And so does your florist! I have seen my fair share of DIY wild flower wedding arrangements that look more like weed patches than freshly picked wild bouquets.

7) There is no money left in my budget for flowers. A good florist can always work in your budget. A lot of our students love working on small budget weddings producing chic, understated, beautiful looks.

8) Flowers never last, so why waste my money? True, wedding flowers may not last forever, but they do make a lasting impression on your guests and are forever in the photographs you will share with your family and friends for many years thereafter.

9) It will look really nice if I do it myself. Please brides, trust me on this, it won't. You will regret it years from now if not within the next week. You do not want a floral disappointment!

I recently met a former bride who spoke with me about her DIY floral experience. While the process was not completely terrible she did say the flowers were more of an effort than expected. On her wedding day, the blossoms were not in perfect shape and staying up all night before trying to fix them was not worth it. It's obvious that I am in the florist business so of course I think you should hire a qualified designer to do your wedding floral. If you are looking to save money and be more creative, design your holiday parties, daughter's graduation party, but do not take on the risk and stress of designing your wedding flowers!

Whether you decide to DIY or not, please always feel free to contact me for some fast, easy and affordable design ideas!

Keep Blooming!
Mike Gaffney

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