I caught up with four of our most budget-savvy bridal bloggers to get their most helpful, creative, and EASY wedding cost hacks!
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Did you know that 2013 couples spent an average of $25,600 on their wedding? That's not even including honeymoon expenses!

While this figure is enough to make any engaged couples feel pressured to shell out major cash, the key is to find your favorite wedding budget tricks amidst the clutter of DIY wedding advice.

To show you how to leverage money-saving shortcuts from a practical bride's perspective, I created an infographic that breaks down everything you need to know about DIY wedding hacks. Even better? I caught up with four of our most budget-savvy bridal bloggers to get their most helpful, creative, and EASY wedding cost hacks!

Go preowned and make friends along the way

"There are some amazing deals to be had when buying wedding dresses online whether you buy used, preowned or a sample gown directly from a retailer," says Andrea of SmartBride Boutique. "Preowned wedding dresses from the previous seasons tend to sell for about 50% off retail, but the best deals are often found when buying high-end designer gowns in classic styles! If you can find a gown worn by a bride taller than you, the hem (which is usually the dirtiest part) will be cut off anyway. Keep in mind that small things like zippers, buttons and small flaws can be fixed very easily by your seamstress."

"When planning my own wedding, I bartered away half the cost of my custom wedding gown by cutting fabric and doing invoicing for the designer, but the same kind of trade could be done with any service or talent... from cleaning their office, to graphic design, to administrative assistance," Dana from Broke-Ass Bride. "I also connected with a bride who was getting married at the same venue, and we went in on lots of decor items together, cutting the cost and the waste in half! We shared the paper lanterns that decorated the ceiling, lots of votive holders and candles, manzanita branches, and bulk ordered paper together!"

Express yourself with memorable non-traditional elements

"I may be biased seeing as I recently got married, but winter is a great time of year to get hitched," suggests Lauren from Live Laugh Love Marriage. "Not only is it cosy and romantic but you can get some fab deals from venues & suppliers because it is out of their 'peak season' and they're more inclined to offer you discounts on their services. Also, by having a week-day wedding (particularly Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) at ANY time during the year, you're more likely to save more because these days aren't as popular as Saturdays."

Steph from Steph's Spot observed: "With prices in some locations exceeding 100 dollars a head, food trucks are a clever way to save some major money. They allow you to personalize your big day in a special way by sharing your favorite foods and providing guests an eclectic variety of dinner options. Incorporating food trucks at your wedding is a sure way to keep guests talking about how unique and creative you are. Saving money and personalizing your day at the same time is a win-win in my book."

Looking for more hack-able inspiration? Check out the DIY wedding hacks infographic even more way to save you from over-spending and over-stressing :)

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