DJ Khaled's 'Wise Words' Video Has Us Asking For 'Another One'

The amusing pick-me-up we were longing for.

In a black and white video produced by Music Choice, DJ Khaled intensely stares into the camera to deliver a whole bunch of inspirational words. Seriously, a whole bunch. 

He starts off the video with a bit of affirmation telling viewers, "you smart, you very smart, we the best." Then the DJ borrowed a line from his song "All I Do Is Win," to remind viewers to "win, win, win, no matter what."

The Twitter-verse got a hold of Khaled's "wise words" and his inspired fans, also known as #khaledhive, are having a field day.

The #Khaledhive can also catch more of this goodness on DJ Khaled's Snapchat, which has more of this type of inspiration

Thanks DJ Khaled -- "we the best" because of you. 

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