DJ Rebootly Mixes Bruce Rauner Into a Hip-Hop Track

Gov. Bruce Rauner spared no words in his May 31 press conference lamenting the impasse over the Illinois budget.

"We are destroying the middle class of Illinois under the leadership of Speaker (Michael Madigan) and (Senate) President (John Cullerton)," he said in a press conference outside his office.

Cullerton was equally as hard on Rauner, accusing the governor abandoning the budget process and continuing "to run campaigns instead of the state."

Radogno ripped Democrats for being against any idea other than raising taxes.

And all four claim they are acting on behalf of the middle class. Here, in two minutes, is everything you need to know to understand why things have ground to a halt in Springfield. The threat of a state government shutdown in some form becomes all the more real as we approach the end of the current fiscal year on June 30. The statements below give no cause for hope.

Watch the two-minute drill at Reboot Illinois to see what Rauner and other political leaders said June 1.

For a more musical run-down of Rauner's remarks, check out this hip-hop track arranged by DJ Rebootly:


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